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The Physical Human Body – God's Masterpiece

The human body is extraordinarily complex! If you have studied Human Anatomy and Physiology which is the scientific learning and analysis of the human body then you will surely agree that we humans are rather complex organisms, our brain is the most wonderful and ingenious computer system and our intricate mind/body connection is still being discovered to this day. We have a in-built automatic thermostat, our heart pumps near six litres of blood per minute, approximately 45 miles of nerves flow through us and electric impulses travel at a speed of almost 250 mph! It is no wonder that people say we are God's Masterpiece!

The Holistic View of The Human Body

This is where it gets slightly complicated because we are not just a physical body or a human machine. The human body has a visible physical body (what you see when you look in the mirror) and an invisible auric body (can only be seen by very few people who can see chakras and auras). We also have an Etheric Body, an Emotional Body, a Mental Body and an Astral Body. I will explain more on each of these later.

The Effect of Stress on Our Entire Body System

Problems and issues that we face each day, the many stresses we encounter and regular worry does not only affect us physically; we are affected on all levels. When we think thoughts, whether positive or negative, these non-solid forms of Energy dissolve to the inner parts of our multi-system body and greatly affect us in good or bad ways. Understanding the mind/body connection, we realize to uphold a continuance of good health, mind plays a crucial role. We can have Energy Patterns stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago that are joyful and happy or equally painful and traumatizing. Typically, we hide them away deep into some recess within our Chakras (storage centers in our bodies) and in our Auras (the Energy field around us), and try to not think about these painful events or feelings, but they never really go away.

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Chakra Healing

Major chakra's act as a bridge between the universe and the body. When chakras spin, cosmic energy that is created by the supreme power is drawn in to the chakras (through invisible inner aura) and reaches our physical body. Thus, the entire human body system becomes Cosmic conscious. Uninterrupted flow of Cosmic Energy and Distance Reiki Healing without any block is extremely beneficial for good health and experienceing a constant state of unconditional love. The entire universe is constituted by five elements viz. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void. These five elements also exist in the human body.

Energy Healing

Sickness and disease is a manifestation of unbalanced Energy. Healing, is a way of balancing all our energy to restore the flow of positive and vibrant life force energy. When the mind is relaxed, free from stress and any tension the energy processed by the mind flows to the subconscious mind through the auras and chakras. At the level where Distance Reiki Healing, Cosmic Energy Healing, or other Universal Life Force energy operates, it is possible anything could be changed because all is fluid-like in this universe and is very malleable. Emotional difficulties are healable as well as physical problems - emotional issues are sometimes more directly present in the energy structures. Distance Reiki Healing is highly beneficial when any type of trauma has been experienced.

Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing is simply......AMAZING !!! Distance Reiki Healing is totally safe, will not cause any harm and the client is fully clothed during the session. Distance Reiki works at a very deep level within you - what I like to call the subconscious level. Reiki Healing has the potential to remove many types of negativity that may be stored as toxins within you and could be causing harm to you. Distance Reiki Healing brings about a deep inner sense of peace and I find Distance Reiki Healing to be very useful during stressful times. Distance Reiki Healing is a natural but powerful divine energy, it is a cosmic energy and this makes it brilliant for spiritual healing because it connects you to the Source Energy. Distance Reiki Healing is one of the key healing methods for Chakra balancing the 88,000 energy centres covering most of the body. You may not believe so but your emotional and mental health, is important to your overall health and this is why Chakra Clearing is vitally important. Just a few sessions of Distance Reiki Healing can leave you feeling extremely refreshed as well as open to an energetic shift and transformation in order to align with your chosen life path and fulfill your yet to be reached goals. Distance Reiki Healing works to make your life force very strong, you will appear vital, healthy and happy. When the life force is weak and the quality is reduced, short term dis-ease, depression or a type of chronic illness is present, and when the lifeforce is completely insufficient, death occurs. Distance Reiki Healing works to heal you from within, it heals you from a deep level, from a soul level, because this Universal Energy is infinite in nature. Many people have even experienced Reiki Healing to be a miracle for them or their loved ones. The power of the Distance Reiki Healing that is channeled can be amazing and very intense if you are sensitive to feeling energy. The KEY and most wonderful thing about Distance Reiki Healing is the simplicity of Reiki Healing.
Reiki Healing can give you a wonderful and enlightening future. Reiki Healing can heal negative thoughts and experiences that do not serve you which are stored in the subconscious mind. This is very important for moving ahead in life and reaching your goals in life. Reiki Healing helps to heal past trauma that has been set deep into your mind and may not be allowing you to fulfill your desires.

Reiki Healing History

Dr Mikao Usui is the founder of Usui Reiki Healing and he had teached over 2000 students throughtout his life. The word Reiki is derived from two single Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom / Higher Power" and Ki translates to "life force energy". Hence, Reiki means "spiritually guided life force energy." Many people use Reiki Healing as a form of spiritual healing.
Dr Usui was born on 15 August, 1865 in a small town in Japan by the NagaraRiver mid-way between Tokyo and Kyoto in the south of the country. Usui was influenced by traditional faith of the Japanese people which focuses on spirits in the forms of birds, animals, mountains, trees and people.
Dr Mikomai Usui is believed to have discovered Reiki Healing from old Sanskrit writings, aided by his meditation experiences on Mount Kori-Yama. A combination of what Dr Usui studied and understood from the Sanskrit scripts, and the divine messages and images he experienced during his meditations thus enabled him to formulate the Reiki Healing concept, symbols and techniques. Some Reiki Healing teachers suggest that these rediscovered healing secrets recreated those practised in Buddhism, which Usui also practiced as a Tendai Buddhist.

Reiki Healing Misconceptions

Reiki Healing Therapy is probably on of the most calm and relaxing treatment you will experience in your life! An hour of Reiki Haling, feels like you have been on a mini holiday.
Generally speaking, Reiki Healing has a cumulative effect and it is generally wise to have a few sessions to benefit from total healing in body, mind and soul.
Reiki Healing is not a religion, this is a misconception by people who have not fully studied the Distance Reiki Healing principles and the Reiki Healing history. Distance Reiki Healing is actually practiced by thousands of people all over the world ! Distance Reiki Healing is promoted by healers of many different faiths, some Distance Reiki Healing practitioners do not even follow a religion but believe in oneness – this feeling is easy brought about with Distance Reiki Healing. Distance Reiki Healing is actually very simple and straightforward :)
Reiki Healing practitioners are not necessarily psychic! this is just a myth about Distance Reiki Healing – Distance Reiki Healing may certainly open up your Chakra’s and this in effect could heighten your intuition, some psychics are also Distance Reiki Healing practitioners, but Distance Reiki Healing and Reiki Healing attunement does will not definitely make you a psychic.
Distance Reiki Healing is a therapy that is energy based and practiced as hands on OR hands off – rather than an actual massage therapy, for this reason I do not classify it as Reiki Healing massage therapy as it will not involve manipulation of muscles, bones, tissue etc.
Distance Reiki Healing energy channels the Distance Reiki Healing energy, or Life Force energy, through the Reiki Healing practitioner. It is not however (another misconception!,) the Reiki Healing Practitioner transferring his very own personal energy to the Reiki Healing client.
Distance Reiki Healing can be received at anytime apart from when driving , handling machinery and in a operation or surgery. There have been mixed views about Distance Reiki healing as an anaesthetic before surgery and this is the reason I avoid Distance Reiki Healing on clients who would like it instead of anaesthesia.
Many Distance Reiki Healing practitioners have said that Distance Reiki Healing can take away stress almost instantaneously ! Distance Reiki Healing, like any other healing therapy, has different effect on each and every different person.
Distance Reiki Healing is a positive and divine energy – there are no adverse reactions.

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